Corporate Bankruptcy

When your business finances feel chaotic,
a reorganization or structured downsizing may get you back in the driver’s seat.

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is your right to a second chance and a new beginning. We prepare your case to get you back in control of your future.

Creditor Rights

We minimize your investment risk by navigating the complex bankruptcy laws in order to preserve your claim amounts.


Your house is more than just a shelter. We commit to the best strategy you need to keep your home.


We provide legal foresight to protect your business ventures. When necessary, we deliver effective advocacy and litigation.


Stop the chaos, take charge

A chapter 11 bankruptcy affords a business the ability to keep operating as usual. It also protects your assets and provides a reprieve from any creditors’ attempts to collect debt. This way, your business will have space to continue servicing its customers as usual; but at the same time, it will gain breathing room to make necessary long term changes.

There are many options that can benefit a company’s long term plan, such as: a full scale reorganization, a downsizing of the business, rejecting unexpired leases or contracts, a structured wind down or a controlled liquidation. These options are strategies through which many businesses are saved and can get back to a profitable position.

Goals can be:
  • To maximize business profitability without incurring breach of contract fees.
  • A reprieve from growing debt.
  • A halt to litigation and other collection efforts.
  • Achieve a 5 year discounted debt-repayment plan.


Goodbye creditors, hello fresh start

A personal bankruptcy is often a last resort. But for a last resort, bankruptcy can be a game changer, giving people the chance to start over and succeed.

In a personal bankruptcy, filing for chapters 7 or 13 are most common. Filing for chapter 7 may be perfect for individuals with exempt assets and burdensome debt. Likewise, filing for chapter 13 may be the best roadmap option for an individual with significant debt, while still preserving assets.

Goals can be:
  • A clean slate and the chance to rebuild your financial landscape.
  • Restructuring your financial landscape without losing your assets.


Control your investment

Creditors often feel like they’re holding an empty bag as soon as a bankruptcy filing is submitted. There are measures in place to protect your money.

It is important to understand the claim you carry since this information will impact your attorney’s strategy. Below are several terms to clarify different kinds of claims:
1. Secured claims: typically a lien on real or personal property.
2. Priority claims: typically wages, commissions, alimony and child support.
3. General unsecured claims: typically personal loans, medical bills and unsecured business related debt.

A creditor or any interested party may wish to submit a bid on the debtors assets prior to or at an auction. A creditor may also benefit from participating in a court litigation. Proper counsel and guidance is necessary to navigate the complex legal process.

Goals can be:
  • To preserve your claim.
  • To negotiate an agreement and receive debt repayment.
  • To ensure a favorable legal outcome when faced with a non-paying debtor.


Keep your home

When a foreclosure is commenced, homeowners can feel frantic. You need an advocate who you can trust and who will aggressively pursue your goals and arrange for your most desired outcome. We can discuss your options and guide you towards a strategic plan that you can achieve and maintain for years to come.

What we do best:
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Mortgage remodification
  • Other settlement options:
    • Short sale
    • Forbearance


The best contract has you covered

Proper planning and foresight is your best strategy and protection when it comes to the nuances of business law. An attorney who is fluent in all business transactions can set your business up for growth and success.

What we do best:
  • Contract negotiations
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Commercial litigation

“Thank you very much for making time to meet with me and to help me understand our options this evening. That was quite a crash course you gave! You should be a teacher. ;-). It is deeply appreciated” -David